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American High Voltage (AHV) is the world’s premier manufacturer of high reliability high voltage power supply. Since 1978, AHV has been the leading designer and manufacturer of custom high voltage power supplies, military power supplies, high temperature power supplies and other commercial high voltage power supplies. AHV offers a wide range of high voltage power supply that spans from 100V up to 250kV with powers from 1W up to 1kW.

American High Voltage has been a valued supplier of high reliability military power supplies to Military programs for over 20 years. AHV has provided both High Voltage and Low Voltage Power Supplies to demanding platforms such as the F-4, F-16, and the Space Shuttle, as well as a host of other programs. In addition to designing power supplies for new programs, AHV can provide reliability upgrade of military power supplies which have minimum or no documentation.

The design and manufacture of high voltage power supply require disciplines and technological controls beyond those required for the successful design of low voltage devices. The most critical of these requirements are potting, component preparation and placement. In addition, AHV controls the reliability of the components by a program of rigorous Environmental Stress Screening and derating.

American High Voltage is committed to meeting the performance, reliability, delivery and economic requirements of the most demanding programs.