With its 60 years of expertise in the field of power conversion, CONVERGY has acquired over the years a real know-how in the technologies related to power conversion and energy systems.

The CONVERGY offer has never stopped growing through the acquisition of companies such as Ceis, Micro-Gisco, Sodilec, Etri, Fontaine électronique Teg, Multisources électroniques, Saas Technologie, Convergie and Houvenaghel-Hennequin.

CONVERGY has today a park beyond compare of power converters covering all types of technologies ( Linear, thyristor, switching...), with over 600 different products for all applications from 0,3 W to 500 KW.

This is the preferred partner of many customers for targeted fields such as aviation, railway, industry, marine, nuclear, renewable energy. CONVERGY's offer is ideally suited for long life cycle applications designed for severe environments, for which reliability and safety are crucial issues.