SOURIAU connection

3304_SOURIAUminiSouriau_webSOURIAU is focused on the supply of connection technologies for severe environment. SOURIAU has a presence in the world's major aerospace / defense programs and is strongly positioned in the railways, geophysical, robotics and instrumentation markets.

The Company unites under the prestigious name of “SOURIAU” the products and technologies of JUPITER, SOURIAU, and BURNDY that are focused on the supply of connection technologies in harsh environments for industrial, aerospace, military and space applications.

SOURIAU strategy follows the action plans launched over the last several years:

  • Bring the best service to our customers
  • Be the leader in technology in our markets
  • Provide our employees the best possible working conditions
  • Establish strong ties with our top customers and suppliers
  • Embrace continuous improvement processes
  • Expand our market share worldwide
  • Increase our competitiveness


The partnership that has been developed over the last 30 years with our major customers, the high level of research and development investments, the quality of our production assets and the renowned quality of our employees give SOURIAU the means to achieve an ambitious growth.