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iX Cameras is a world- leading technology and product company specializing in the field of high-speed (slow motion) imaging. Based on proprietary innovative technologies, we design, build and sell cutting-edge ultra-fast cameras and software for a wide range of advanced scientific research applications. Our commitment to innovate and push the boundaries of high-speed video science is the reason we develop technically superior and easy-to-use products that our customers need to attain the highest scientific achievements and creativity. The innovation of our i-SPEED brand of cameras is backed by our world-class service and support teams, ensuring our customers' success.


i-SPEED 2 The range of cameras is designed with size in mind, is easy to use and is a cost effective entry-level solution for high-speed motion analysis. The i-SPEED 2 cameras combine a choice of resolutions with high speeds and a set of features which make them ideal for use in microscopy, robotics, automotive impact testing, bio-mechanics, web inspection and more… i-SPEED 2 cameras are portable, consume little power and produce excellent quality images. Image transfer is simple via ethernet. The cameras can even be specified with batteries which make them ideal for untethered field work. Add an additional layer of rugged durability with the optional Hi-G shock package.


i-SPEED 7 The i-SPEED 7 Series has the highest throughput (speed and resolution) of any high-speed video camera available today – 26Gigapixels per second – making it the fastest high-speed camera in the world. In full HD (1920x1080) the i-SPEED 726 camera is capable of recording nearly 13,000 frames per second. Further, the i-SPEED 726 has a maximum recording speed of 1,000,000fps. This camera is widely used in ballistics, materials testing, DIC analysis, PIV analysis and in many more applications where the highest combinations of speed and resolution are required.