Photonfocus AG


Photonfocus AG, is a dynamic, solidly founded start-up company. Photonfocus combines solely leading expertise in designing CMOS sensors with sound vision camera engineering. Photonfocus sells standard cameras and OEM vision modules for the industrial market. Besides standard products Photonfocus offers solutions adapted at customer's needs.


The manufacturing is organized according to the "Fabless Business Model". Photonfocus works with qualified foundries to guarantee high quality standards. Due to the fact that Photonfocus has their own sensor technology, camera and sensors are adjusted optimal. Because of that the products development cycles shorten and products correspond to the customers requirements. Therefore Photonfocus has a little dependence on external suppliers of sensors.

Photonfocus AG was founded in April 2001, as a spin-off company from CSEM, the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology. Photonfocus' know-how in CMOS image-sensors and cameras for industrial image processing goes back to the CSEM. Photonfocus is a fast growing company. It works successfully on development and marketing of high-speed image sensors and high quality digital cameras. Those products are protected, e.g. under the registered trademark LinLog.