Reltech Limited


Reltech Limited is Europe’s leading provider of high performance test systems for Burn-In, Reliability & Life Testing, and Qualification. Since 1976, the company has been directly involved with some of the largest semiconductor device manufacturers of Logic, Memory, Microprocessor, VLSI, High Power, Analogue, Mixed Signal, S.O.C. (System–on-Chip) and Optical semiconductor devices. Test solutions using a comprehensive a range of custom and standard semiconductor test equipment, include:

  • Dynamic monitored Burn-In & Test During Burn-In (TDBI)
  • Test systems with temperature operation to +300ºC
  • Flexitray© multi-temperature zone test systems
  • Test hardware such as Burn-In Boards, HAST Boards and Driver Cards
  • Automated MIDAS© System Software control and monitoring
  • Use of leading manufacturers Test Sockets for all device package styles
  • Systems for Temperature, Humidity & Low Temperature testing
  • Environmental Test Systems for ESS, HALT & HASS Screening
  • Electronic products & system design, assembly and testing service
  • Technical Advice & Consultancy

The Independent Test Laboratory (ITL) offers a complete and confidential test service for Burn-In, Reliability & Life Testing and Qualification of semiconductor devices and assemblies, to industry standard specifications.

The extensive range of test options includes;

  • Fully automated test systems Industry and customer specific standards
  • Hardware design
  • Test software generation
  • Test socket selection & application
  • Device monitoring
  • Dynamic stimulation
  • Numerous device package style
  • Short term & long term test options
  • Temperature testing to 300ºC
  • Temperature & humidity testing
  • Technical advice & consultancy