JSC "UTERNA" was established in 1992. The main goal of the company was the production of electrical furnaces for the burning of ceramics products. Over more than 10 years the company has acquired experience not only in the field of furnace manufacturing but also has expanded its activity in the field of thermal processes and various industries. The majority of current employees have been working in the company from its establishment. Qualified specialists and high technologies applied in the manufacturing process ensure the high quality of "UTERNA" products. The company is constantly investing in the vocational training of its employees and equipment modernization.

The manufacturing process is started from the order reception and is finished with the product delivery to the customer. The uniform manufacturing cycle ensures the thorough quality control, as well as short order execution terms. Currently JSC "UTERNA" is directing its manufacturing process towards the particular individual orders and the production of special application furnaces. In the nearest future it is planning to start the mass production of furnaces as well.

The uniform manufacturing cycle enables thorough monitoring of products after their delivery to the customer. This process includes assembling, installation, parts delivery, prompt repairs and other. "UTERNA" is able to adapt flexibly to the needs of clients and market trends. The specialists of the company are constantly taking part in international exhibitions and have close contacts with the companies from Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic, England and Sweden.

Currently "UTERNA" is manufacturing:

  • Multi-purpose electrical furnaces
  • Electrical chamber furnaces
  • Electrical furnaces for thermal processing of glass
  • Electrical furnaces with extractable tray
  • Electrical chamber furnaces with vertically sliding doors
  • Electrical shaft-type furnaces
  • Stationary and tilted crucible furnaces for melting of non-ferrous metals and their storage in the liquid state
  • Electrical dryers with forced air circulation
  • Special application furnaces and dryers
  • Bell furnaces

Solid fuel furnaces for residential houses and bathhouses.

The company supplies electric-resistant steels (nichrome) of various dimensions. It also accepts orders to design and manufacture electrical heaters intended for various electrothermal devices.