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viele_MCP_bFuG Elektronik GmbH Germany, was founded on July, 1'st 1978 in Rosenheim by Erich Fritz and Gerhard Giebichenstein. Right from the beginning, the goal was the development, production and selling of highly precise DC voltage power supply units with the requirement "Quality from Rosenheim". At the beginning 15 employees on 250 square meters manufactured the first power supplies. Our main customers already in that time were Universities, scientific institutes and companies with sophisticated manufacturing technologies. Meanwhile we have 2500 square meters of manufacturing floor and approx. 70 permanent employees.


All of the power supplies, which we sell, are developed and produced only in our site. Parts of the manufacturing (mainly wiring, printed circuit board assembly and mechanical work) are implemented by subcontractors, whereby the quality-determining production steps are done by ourselves. FuG Elektronik GmbH has over 650 different models in there standard range of PSUs.HCK_Kabelpruefer_b


  • Low-Voltage PSU 6,5V to 350V - 35W to 100KW
  • High-Voltage PSU up to 200KV
  • High-Voltage cassettes up to 35KV in 7W and 35W
  • Bipolar High-Voltage PSU up to 20KV
  • Capacitor Charging
  • High-Current PSU up to 10KA.


In short: DC-power supplies for research, development and industry. FuG is a a member of the “Dr. Simon Consulting” group since 2008.