Mikrotron GmbH



Mikrotron GmbH located in Unterschleissheim - Germany is a leading manufacturer of High-Speed Cameras and machine vision components for industrial and technical applications. The company has a worldwide exceptional market position, because of developing, manufacturing and distributing the complete product range of the machine vision domain:


  • - Cameras
  • - Frame grabber
  • - Software and additional equipment - all from one source.


Product consistency, top quality, as well as service and support puts your investment in Mikrotron products on a firm economic base.

Product Information about EoSens®

The new high speed camera EoSens® of Mikrotron is the first high speed camera with a photo-sensitivity of 2500 ISO/ASA. Thus the photo-sensitivity of EoSens® is 16 times higher than standard photo-sensitivity in this product sector. With up to 500 frames per second EoSens® opens up completely new potentials for high speed inspection/monitoring.


EoSens® provides high speed images without complex lighting equipment even in low-light conditions or applications that avoid the attachment of complex lighting equipment. But even in all other circumstances EoSens® minimizes the problem of getting enough light for high speed images.