RMS Dynamic Test

Avex shock machine


RMS is a manufacturer of dynamic test equipment for the Automotive, Aerospace and Airline Industry as well as for Ship building companies and Research Establishments. For more than 40 years RMS develops and builds dynamic test systems - with continuously increasing success - thus establishing a reputation throughout the world for providing effective solutions to the customers. Ideas and conceptions, materials and technologies are always subject to the criterion "safety". RMS systems "produce" a safety which far exceeds even the hardest requirements of the day-to-day reality.

The delivery program includes:

  • Electrodynamic vibration from 20N - 75 kN
  • Power amplifier (continuous or switched mode)
  • Measure and control equipment
  • Peripheral equipment i.e. cooling and hydraulic units, field supplies and software
  • Extensions like, horizontal slip tables and test fixtures.


RMS vibration systems are distinguished by:

  • Absolute reliable engineering
  • Systems are equipped with tested components work user friendly and are designed for continuous operation
  • Our qualified staff is directly at your disposal for technical support, selection, purchase and after sales service
  • Made in Germany in compliance with the European standards DIN, IEC, ISO, CE
  • System competence via representation of international organisations like; TEAM, USA and AVEX, USA