Specialised Imaging



Specialised Imaging Ltd is a dynamic company focusing on the design, manufacture, service and supply of ultra high-speed imaging systems and components for industrial, military and scientific applications.

Founded by a group of highly experienced engineers from a high speed imaging background, Specialised Imaging is in the enviable position of being able to draw on many years of experience gained in this demanding field. Specialised Imaging engineers were instrumental in the development of the world's first digital simultaneous streak and framing camera which was awarded the Queens Award for Technological Achievement.

Since starting operation in September 2003, Specialised Imaging has already launched three new products. These, and subsequent products will help us to fulfil our ambition to become the recognised world leaders in ultra high speed imaging.

Our aggressive program of developments will allow Specialised Imaging to demonstrate the ability to address imaging problems across the entire spectrum of applications. The professional dedication exhibited by Specialised Imaging's personnel coupled with the lower overheads of a smaller company, allow us to provide reliable, innovative, state of the art products at competitive prices.